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Customers are seeking a solution that creates smart platforms using the Internet of Things: Smart Cities, Smart Enterprises, Smart Buildings, Smart IOT – leveraging existing systems and maximizing utilization of deployed infrastructure into a single integrated data fusion and management platform that can provide multiple level of services across the organization thus providing immediate ROI from DAY 1.

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CymbIoT offers a unique business model for delivering combined Internet of Things services – from Smart Cities to Smart Shops - based on a SAAS and on – premise models. CymbIoT’s vision is to deliver operational IoT to global customers by enabling any business, city, or facility to instantly leverage itself into a more efficient, secure, and accessible organization.

Founded in 2010, CymbIoT delivers out-of-the-box IoT management software that allows end users to singlehandedly integrate existing video, audio, access control, data, location and other subsystems into a single platform.

With over a million sensors managed across a range of operational verticals across the globe, CymbIoT has the experience, the know-how, and the proven ability to deliver working Internet of Things solutions, providing viable answers to real world problems.

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