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CymbIoT has been chosen to accelerate in MonacoTech, the first Monaco start-up incubator

All over the globe, the rich and successful turn their eyes to Monaco, a city-state on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, as a favored location to create successful business infrastructure.

In addition to being a lucrative destination, Monaco enjoys a strategic position right in the center of the euro zone. This ambitious financial marketplace benefits from a cosmopolitan culture, an extremely well connected territory and a major employment catchment area focused on global markets.

MonacoTech is a start-up incubator, a joined venture of the Government of Monaco and Monaco Telecom. The organization board chose a select number of start-ups for their prestigious program, one of them being TerraIoT, a subsidiary of CymbIoT Ltd, dedicated to offering advanced IoT solutions to Monaco and the European market.

In Monaco, CymbIoT will deploy a range of advanced solutions based on its flagship C&C product: from Smart Cities and Parking, to Smart Casinos and Security. These installations will serve the Monaco municipality / Monaco Government and its residents – while providing a show-case of the operational and financial advantages of CymbIoT Command & Control.

To learn more about CymbIoT and its real-world IoT solutions, visit us at

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