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CymbIoT is coming to Romania!

Romania, where the mighty Danube meets the Black Sea, is CymbIoT's new frontier. We are very pleased to announce opening our new branch in Romania, CymbIoT Romania.

CymbIoT is proud to introduce its Romania branch Chairman of the Board - 4 Star General Marcel Opris; born in Salaj County, General Opris has long served in the telecommunication industry in Romania, and served as Director of the Special Telecommunications Service, the STS, since 2005. The STS manages special communications for the security services in Romania, a vital part of Romania's national defense apparatus. General Opris brings with him expertise in working with telecommunication companies, and familiarity in overcoming the unique challenges of working in developing Eastern Europe.

With its strategic positioning, CymbIoT Romania will lead the way in opening new markets in Europe. The General Manager of CymbIoT Romania is Ionut Barbu, who has many years of experience in the IoT field in general and working with CymbIoT in particular.

Romania, with a new emphasis on a better technical infrastructure and a new focus on R&D will be a great stepping stone for our brand of innovation; with an upcoming Smart City programs in Constnza and Bucharest, we will focus on building Smart Cities and partnering with Service Providers, helping business and municipalities in Romania and all over Eastern Europe enjoy better, safer, and smarter services.

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