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Working with Cella-v, CymbIoT offers Smart Waste Collection

Residential trash collection comprises one of the top 5 municipal expenses. With current zero oversight of the process, waste collection and disposal is highly inefficient –ineffective bin collection, route management, and truck allocation all contributing to both costs and pollution. Improving this process provides immediate ROI, not only reducing costs, but also immediately improving the quality of life for everyone in the city.

CymbIoT has partnered with Israeli innovator Cella-V to deliver a Smart Waste Management solution that tracks, removes, and analyses the trash collection process. Cella-V sensors installed on any garbage truck or collection bin send lift data per bin, including bin capacity, lift time and lift location. This data is incorporated with information from other sensors all over the city via the powerful CymbIoT engine, and suggests logistical improvements and route-optimization.

The integrated CymbIoT & Cella-V solution is rapidly and easily deployable, requiring a simple 1 day installation per truck which then renders all truck and waste data instantly accessible 24/7 via any device, and supporting easy integration into new and existing Smart City platforms for comprehensive urban management.

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