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Introducing CymbIoT at HPE Discover

Speaking at the Public Sector booth in this year's HPE Discover our CEO Oren Feldmann introduced CymbIoT and our innovative IoT solution to the thousands of visitors in Discover, one of the largest IoT events in the world.

Oren's presentation covered the idea that CymbIoT's solution is modeled after the human brain. Just like humans are learning machines, and able to create meaningful connections, and flexibly adapt to any enviroinment, so can our solution.

Cymbiot C&C is built to learn.

It is designed to create meaningful connections between any and all systems and sensors, and generate intelligent responses.

The product is easily scalable, and includes powerful analytical tools even when connecting a few dozen devices. Our solution can serve as "the brains" of your smart environment, connecting hundreds and thousands of devices, adapting to the world around it, turning your sensors and devices into a cohesive, responsive environment.

Watch the full talk here:

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