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From Smart & Safe Cities, to Prison & Transportation Management - CymbIoT products provide a wide range of customers with challenge-focused solutions that provide real answers to real needs. CymbIoT offers a new UI experience and operational advantage to users, connecting all sub systems and sensors while deploying intelligent analytics and user driven action management.

CymbIoT products are  open-ended and sensor agnostic, designed to connect thousands of cameras, sensors, systems and sub systems in a simple, cost-effective manner.  Our automated sensor management abilities assure solution ROI regardless of the man-in-the middle factor.

CymbIoT Command & Control products have a proven track record of operational success, with customers across all verticals of the IoT world. From large-scale prison complexes, through smart sea ports, to hotels, airports, and Smart Cities - CymbIOT products manage large-scale integrated platforms for a wide variety of needs and purposes.

Smart City
Safe City
Smart Building
Smart Bank
Safe Nation
Smart Prison
Smart Casino
Smart Lights
Critical Assets
Smart Hotel
Asset Mngmnt
Smart Transport
Information Analysis
Precision Agriculture
Smart Dealership
Smart Borders
Smart Airport
Disaster Mngmnt
Smart Factory
Smart Museum
Smart Retail
Smart Campus
Smart Parking
Smart Stadium
Smart Waste
Cellular Tower
Smart Water
Smart Office
Access Mngmnt
Smart Mining
Smart Metering
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