How Rebranding Works For Us

CymbIoT has a new focus on our core product!

Up until last months, we were Ensura Command & Control. That identity served us well since our founding at 2010, until we decided to rebrand our company: new name, new logo, new website.

The main reason for the rebranding was to refocus our product and position in the market place. We wanted to make clearer statements to our customers, current and potential: this is who we are, this is what we do, and this is how we can help you. Our new landing page addresses our target markets: system integrators, sensor manufacturers and TELCOs with answers to their specific needs.

According to Gali Golan, VP of Marketing and Communications, one of the main challenges was identifying our target markets; answering the question: who we want to be? We succeeded by being decisive, and by focusing on our strength and core values.

In CymbIoT, our focus is on delivering: delivering working solutions out of the box, delivering ROI on day one, and when our partners and clients introduce new technologies, new devices and new protocols, we aim to integrate them with our system in days, not months. So our rebranding was no different; within days since the the decision was made we started working on the significant technical challenge of redrawing the way we look in the eyes of the world. We couldn’t wait to show the world the new CymbIoT, and we finished our rebranding in a few weeks. That was definitely a challenge, but not the most challenging aspect of our rebranding.

The second challenge, Golan says, was successfully offering our target markets solutions that provide immediate operational and investment returns. We are looking to hit the ground running and prove ourselves to the customer from day one. It isn’t easy to meet that goal; but once we did, we built strong bonds with our customers and partners; we made their success, our success.

We’re CymbIoT, and We’re Making IoT Smarter!

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