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Big Data AI Solutions from CymbIoT

CymbIoT is a leader in the development of Big Data AI solutions: creating a networked learning system, adjusting data and access and operational functions based on the behaviors of users and operators.

Over time, our learning system can suggest actions, information and features relevant to the user, based on the users' data and operations consumption. This Big Data AI solution transforms existing IoT solutions into learning networks, turning passive systems into integrated proactive systems.

Our Big Data AI solution learns the user's usage patterns over a period of few weeks or months. The AI solution interacts with the full range of the IoT network's capabilities – data fusion, single-point sensor, and system access – to extrapolate new and additional functionalities and provide the best analysis of the user's behaviors based on data acquired from the usage patterns of millions of other users.

CymbIoT's Big Data AI puts the "smart" in Smart Solutions, enabling IOT platforms to actively engage users of all types, and continuously propose new capabilities and information access.

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