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CymbIoT Romania entering 2018 full steam ahead!

Earlier this year we reported that we opened CymbIoT Romania, our representation in Eastern Europe. It is a dynamic and exciting market that we hope will help push our expansion into Europe.

General Marcel Opris, Chairman of the Board for CymbIoT Romania was recently honored in the Communication Gala Mobile 2017 with the Excellency Award, for his work as head of the Special Telecommunications Service (STS). The STS provides special telecommunication services to the public and defense sectors in Romania, and is part of the national defense system. General Opris has been the head of STS since 2005. You can see and hear General Opris speaking at the convention here.

Also in the Communication Gala Mobile, Telekom Romania received the Best Mobile Technology Award, for the first 5G trial in Romania; Telekom Romania and CymbIoT Romania are in the process of finalizing an important deal that will cement CymbIoT's position as the premier provider of IoT Command & Control software in Romania.

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