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CymbIoT to Present on the Biggest Stage in the World

We at CymbIoT are very excited to bring our expert IoT-solution to MWC2018, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

MWC is the largest exhibition of the mobile industry in the world: four days of exhibiting the most cutting-edge technologies, tools and solutions for the fastest growing segment of today’s communication marketplace. More and more the world is turning to mobile to consume information & entertainment, work, and interact with the world and people around us. For many global enterprises, MWC is the culmination of vision, hard-work and meticulous preparation – challenging providers to bring their A Game to the biggest stage in the world.

CymbIoT is a well-established company with almost a decade’s worth of experience and millions of devices served by our patented turn-key IoT solutions; our partners and costumers choose to work with CymbIoT C&C because they are looking for a proven product that provides immediate ROI, works across all platforms, standards and manufacturers, and provides powerful analytics and automation tools that turn separate and distinct systems into smart interconnected networks with powerful synergies.

IoT companies, device manufacturers, technology providers, and integrators from all over the world will be attending Mobile World Congress in the beautiful city of Barcelona, and we invite you all to come to our booth and learn about the features and capabilities that make CymbIoT C&C the smartest, safest and best IoT solution for you!

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