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CymbIoT Comes to India

As part of our global strategy in 2018, we are increasing our involvement in India, expanding on existing smart city projects to include more integrators, entering additional avenues of expansion, like security and safety.

India is fast becoming an engine of growth in the mobile and IoT industries; new technologies and new devices find a massive marketplace, hungry for innovation and improvement in quality of life. A new generation of tech savvy millennials with income to burn would fuel this new mobile revolution. With offices in Singapore and strategic partnerships with experienced integrators, CymbIoT is well-poised to take full advantage of this tide.

As India’s population becomes more urban, and the country becomes more networked, smart cities, built on networks connecting millions of devices, will be a natural next step - improving quality of life for millions of people. Employing CymbIoT’s IoT-solution, smart cities and enterprises provide residents, visitors, and businesses with better, safer, and more efficient services. Our product, ready out of the box and providing immediate ROI, includes advanced Data Analysis as a standard feature, allowing users and operators to make sense of big databases with millions of entries, giving decisions makers the tools they will need to make smarter decisions.

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