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Comprehensive Solutions for the City of the Future

We recently presented our comprehensive IOT solution for a smart & safe city in Holon, one of the ten largest cities in Israel. As part of a multi-million-dollar project aimed at improving the digital infrastructure of cities in Israel and enabling more smart urban capabilities, we presented viable solutions to a number of pressing issues facing modern municipal authorities.

The practical solutions included comprehensive traffic control, which incorporates traffic sensors, sophisticated face-recognition software, and video analytics to provide smart parking solutions, provide tools that enable law enforcement to better deal with car thefts, and clear the streets in the event of public emergency or security events.

We also displayed our smart waste disposal solution, which cuts costs and green-house gases emissions, and improves quality of life all around the city – as well as our smart lighting solutions, which can reduce energy consumption by up to 30% and help with law enforcement and violence prevention when combined with our audio analytics capabilities.

Our command & control software has a proven record with projects and installations across the globe, connecting thousands of devices to deliver integrated solutions that improve efficiency and quality of life in real-world situations for cities of any size.

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