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CymbIoT with Leading Device Manufacturer at Muni-Expo

At the 2018 Municipal Exposition, the biggest professional and commercial exposition aimed at municipalities held in Israel, we exhibited with our partner, the H.Y. Group, the many ways our IoT solution can make cities safer and friendlier while lowering operational costs for municipal authorities and urban service providers.

Every year, the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel organizes Muni-Expo, a fair for urban innovation, focusing on new and emergent technologies and their implementation around the country. Muni-Expo is an annual event, the largest of its kind in Israel, attended by over 6,000 managers from almost 300 local authorities, and over 2,000 executives from relevant companies and organizations. This event has massive impact on the lives of millions of Israelis, as it brings together innovators and visionaries with local decisions makers to turn ideas into life-improving solutions.

Our partners in Muni-Expo were the H.Y. Group, one of the leading companies in Israel for import, marketing, planning and integration in the electronics and communications industries. The group consists of 9 companies, employs over 500 people, and has a well-known and well-respected close and personal relationship with its many customers around the country. As a leader in its field, the H.Y. Group is a perfect partner for CymbIoT, marrying its extensive device portfolio with our powerful, flexible out-of-the-box IoT solution.

Together, we presented a live demo of several real-life scenarios, exhibiting our solutions to threats and challenges facing municipalities today, and the ways in which our solution and H.Y. devices can cut costs, improve quality of life, and increase safety and security for everyone.

We are always proud to present with our partners, as we know that our solution is stable, field-proven and tested - and we are happy to introduce potential customers and users to the many ways CymbIoT C&C can make their lives better, smarter, and safer.

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