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New Focus for CymbIoT on Asia

The 21st century will see the world being transformed by technologies we only now begin to imagine; technologies that will be smarter, more ubiquitous and more interconnected than ever before. At the forefront of that transformation – will be Asia.

We at CymbIoT are betting big on Asia. We have opened new offices in Singapore, CymbIoT Singapore, headed by the estimable and eminently qualified Vincent Lim.

We believe the business of Internet of Things would explode in Asia in the next 5 to 10 years. Business and civic leaders around the world know that new technologies can fuel job growth and create new revenue - and Asia is best suited to take advantage of these new opportunities in the exciting IoT market.

Already investment in new R&D centers is on pace to outspend Europe and the US; many countries in Asia are in the forefront of future industries such as electric cars, renewable energy, and online retail - and those industries will enjoy a boom with the maturing of IoT solutions that increase efficiency and boost ROI.

A large millennial population, that is moving to big cities, connects online and has a higher than average rate of mobile and internet use, will become the creators and consumers of these future technologies; in five years, every second phone sold to a new user will be sold to someone in China or India; those new users will hold the gateway to an interconnected future in their hands; CymbIoT’s vision is to be the engine that powers this future.

Singapore is the natural place for us to open our new Asian headquarters. It is one of the most advanced cities in the world, an important hub that will only increase in importance as Asia takes the lead in a new digital renaissance.

CymbIoT Singapore will be our Asian heart; as the region invests more and more in Smart Cities, in automated work-force and sophisticated AI, in security and health and environment - CymbIoT Singapore will provide the tools and know-how to make this new world safer, smarter, and more efficient.

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