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CymbIoT at Discover Madrid and Singapore

We shared with you earlier this year that our demo was incorporated into HPE CEC in Singapore. We are building on the success of that initial demo to open a full office in Singapore. Singapore is one of the most advanced cities in the world and an important trade hub in the pacific region; CymbIoT Singapore would be our permanent presence in the region as investments in smart cities and other IoT solutions grow in the future.

We will officially unveil CymbIoT Singapore in this year's Discover HPE, which will be held in Madrid, November 28th to 30th. Discover HPE is an opportunity to integrate with thousands of IT professionals from around the world, learn about new and emerging technologies and present our solution to eager costumers. CymbIoT will present its integration with HPE’s Unified IoT platform on Thursday in the "Off-the-shelf Smart IoT Application for future cities" session. Come say hello!

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