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CymbIoT Command and Control offers built-in Data Analytics

CymbIoT Command & Control, our IoT solution, is tried and proven across four continents and over more than five years; we never stop improving and building on it, always increasing the value our partners and customers receive from our tool. As part of our ongoing effort to provide ever increasing value, we are proud to share the news about our system’s newest feature: CymbIoT C&C Data Analytics Service.

CymbIoT C&C offers not only sophisticated networking capabilities, but also built-in analytical tools that provide real-time information, allowing operators to base their decisions on relevant and accurate data.

CymbIoT C&C has proven its mettle under field conditions, connecting millions of devices across numerous locations throughout the globe. With so many devices, you run the risk of missing important information: our new CymbIoT Data Analytics Service (DAS) analyzes the data received from the connected devices and identifies anomalous behavior that requires human attention.

CymbIoT’s DAS is built on the Spark platform with our own original tools, and analyzes the sensors database to present the operator with anomalies that fit our smart and responsive algorithms.

CymbIoT DAS is a robust solution that works out of the box with truly big data to provide you with real-time insights into millions of events.

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