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CymbIoT is betting on Green – smart IoT solutions for precision agriculture

IoT solutions allow us to improve life, cut costs and promote a healthier life-style and better planet for everyone, in every aspect of life – including agriculture.

The CymbIoT Precision Agriculture solution combines data from different types of sensors, like soil acidity sensors or UV radiation counters, to provide an accurate representation of your land and fields' situation and gives you the insights you need to make the best responses to maintain optimal growing conditions.

Get a real-time picture of your assets and follow trends with our Data Anaylitcs tools, and identify the precise needs of your land and fields with our data fusion engine. Our Precision Agriculture Solution supports ROI from day one by reducing waste, limiting your environmental impact- and creating a smarter and more environment-friendly business that appeals to EU and other Green Grants and Foundations.

Learn more about Precision Agriculture on our website

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